Though our Network Therapists are unable to prescribe prescription medications we feel this has actually benefitted our therapy services by being able to offer alternative treatments primarily through Emotional Support Animals and Psychiatric Service Dogs to clients who may benefit from the presence of a pet or trained service animal.

  The statistical benefits of traditional psycho- therapy by itself have been quoted to range from 75% to 20% of individuals see some form of improvement depending on what study is being used (American Psychological Association or the latter being a pooled extrapolation of major psychological studies).

​   Additionally several major studies have shown the limitations of many popular Anti- Depressant medications. One recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology indicates antidepressants as a whole only benefit about 20% of people living with depression.

   The point of providing the aforementioned studies is not to say that ALL psychotherapy is pointless or ALL depression medications are ineffective but rather to acknowledge the very real limitations of modern medicine and treatment and to adjust treatment goals and therapy accordingly. 

  The limitations presented solely by traditional Psychotherapy and Depression/Anxiety Medications has opened the door for alternative treatment methods for emotional disorders. And like psychotherapy itself many alternative treatments are not necessarily considered "new" treatment methods but rather new ways of applying a known treatment.

  The use of animals to help assist physical disabilities was first recorded in Paris, France    in the mid 18th Century when blind hospital patients were paired with seeing eye dogs.

The first recorded use of a Psychiatric Service Dog to help treat patients with a mental disability occurred in a Washington D.C. hospital in 1919 following World War I.

However, it is very likely trained service dogs were assisting the disabled well before this. The benefits of a trained service dog for mental health purposes is astounding with one recent study by McMaster University showing Veterans who suffered from PTSD and utilized the help of a Psychiatric Service Dog found that 82% of respondents indicated a reduction in their symptoms and 40% of the trial group required less medication!

​​Alternative Treat​ments

Animals in Treatment

Online Therapy Services


  The U.S. Therapy Network specializes in connecting individuals seeking cost effective mental health therapy services with licensed mental health professionals throughout the United States.​​ 

   Teletherapy allows the U.S. Therapy Network to offer mental health therapy at an affordable price. We do not have the overhead of a traditional therapy or doctor's office and utilize technology as much as possible to offer our services to more people by offering a more affordable service.

   Though Teletherapy can also include video conferencing services such as Skipe and Zoom unfortunately we have found therapy via telephone to be the most cost effective method primarily due to a lag in internet speeds and the time involved installing the required software if you are not familiar with the above video conferencing services.

​   We have found therapy via telephone to not only be cost effective but also not only offers the same positive results as traditional therapy but has the advantage of being available to more people, not just those with comprehensive health insurance.